Settle the Boobs vs. Ass Debate for Good Today!

If you have been around the dating scene for any length of time – or any scene to be fair – it may have come up whether someone is a boob or an ass man. It may seem like a silly debate and an opportunity for guys simply to objectify women, but there is a genuine preference for one way or the other. Many guys will also have a strong preference for one option over the other, so if you have ever wondered why and the thinking behind these desires, then we are here to answer your burning questions.

Butt or Boobs: a Question as Old as Time

It would be extremely surprising if you did not come across this question in your life. However, more often than not, it is not a deciding factor when someone is choosing a partner. Although someone may have a preference for one or the other, there are many more things to consider when choosing a partner. Evidently, any guy who is searching for a serious relationship is not going to be massively swayed just because he has a preference of one over the other.

Furthermore, it doesn’t mean, just because a guy is a boob or a butt man, that it means that they have to be large. The preference for one or the other can take many forms and really depends on what the individual finds attractive about that part of the body. The preference may not even be the whole butt or boob but a certain element they find attractive about that body part.

Do Guys Prefer Boobs

Why Do Guys Like Butts?

In Western culture, specifically, it can seem obvious to us why guys are attracted to breasts. A lot of our advertising and sexualized content features around breasts a lot more than butts, therefore making it seem like the obvious choice. However, this is not always the case. Many guys prefer butts and are more attracted to that aspect of a woman’s body. One theory for why men are attracted to butts is that our ancestors would have performed sexual acts from behind. This made the butt more of a sexual stimulant, and breasts began to form when the positioning of the sexual act changed.

Another theory is that, the larger the butt the easier it would be in childbirth as they could shift their center of mass back over the hips. This would mean there is less pressure on the hips and that the process of giving birth would have been easier and, therefore, more likely to provide better results. There are always new scientific theories about aspects like this, especially when it comes to why we have been created the way we have been. Simply, it comes down to subconscious attraction. There is no formula for what attracts men in women and vice versa.

Do Guys Like Fake Boobs?

In modern society, access to cosmetic surgery and the prominence of those who have undergone procedures is increasingly prevalent. Shows, such as Love Island, are renowned for the fact that many of their contestants have paid tons of money to produce the best look possible, many of whom have gone under the knife. Furthermore, the pornography industry is extremely strong and features many women who have had their features enhanced for this purpose. Considering the popularity of these things, does that mean that men like fake breasts?

It has been found that, more often than not, men prefer fake boobs for a variety of reasons. They tend to look better in clothing, are perkier, and feel nice. Although there seems to be an inherent preference, there is a discrepancy between this and how many women or the partners of men have implants. More often than not, we can reduce this preference down to the prevalence of the industries mentioned above. It fits into a perfect fantasy and allows people to think about that they could possibly ‘have.’ However, even if there is a preference, this is not going to stop someone from pursuing a woman they like. Furthermore, any man worth your time is going to care about the person you are too. So, don’t waste your time dating idiots who don’t want the person you are.

Can I Apply this to My Dating Life?

Men are allowed to have preferences for how their partners look – just as women should – but you shouldn’t shape your life around these possibilities. The attraction is a funny thing, and sometimes you can be surprised by who you find yourself attracted to. There is no reason for you to start changing your body to suit what is perceived as the perfect shape. We are never going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that is true for our personality as well as our body.

As much as it is an interesting topic to discuss, you don’t need to base your dating life around these possibilities. There is so much more to you and the guy you’re dating than what attracts you to them physically. That element of your time with them is incredibly short when you think about it. The butts or boobs question is likely never to be answered concretely as the human mind is so unknown to us. We are all unique individuals, and that applies to what we find attractive in someone else as well as how we interact with the world around us. You’ll more than likely know whether the man you’re dating has a preference for one or the other as it is likely to show when you’re intimate. However, remember that you have more to offer than your body and any man who you want to spend your life with will recognize that in you too.

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