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Whether you have always been dating big beautiful women or you are new to this dating scene, there are always new things to learn and new perspectives to gain to help you date effectively for you. Through us, you’ll gain valuable tips on how to approach dating in this area and will have a better understanding of your desires. We hope that everything here will help you find the best singles for you, enable you to build meaningful relationships, and understand what you’re looking for in a partner.

What Is a BBW?

If you haven’t been able to guess from the title, BBW stands for big beautiful women. What this really means is that, if you’re looking for BBWs that you’re searching for women who’re curvier and have more weight on them than average. Ordinarily, a BBW would be someone who is classified in the overweight or obese bracket. Meaning, it is not just someone slender who has curves if you’re searching for BBWs.

Why Do Men Like Curvy and Plus Size Women?

Simply, the reason men like BBWs comes down to personal preference. More often than not, we can’t explain why we’re attracted to someone it is just in our subconscious. You are likely to know whether you’re attracted to someone or not as soon as you meet them. Evidently, this means you’re attracted to their physical features rather than anything about them. After that, learning about the kind of person someone is will either decrease or increase your initial attraction to them.

So, it mainly comes down to elements that you can’t control. However, there are a number of theories as to why men like curvier or plus size women. Subconscious breeding selection is one of them as curvier women are likely to have less trouble when giving birth. Or it can be a psychological element that has been picked up from your childhood or teenage years. Either way, why it often doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you understand what kind of women you’re attracted to and ask yourself what kind of individuals you’re looking to date?

Show Your Love for

I Love Big Women!

You may be thinking to yourself that you know you’re attracted to BBWs and that you’re ready to jump into the dating world. That is fantastic, but it is always good to consider whether you’re attracted to these elements or whether you’re fetishizing these women. This is important to know, especially if you’re looking to enter a serious relationship.

You need to ask yourself whether everything you’re doing is based around the women being big. Does anything else enter your mind, or are you reducing the women you’re looking for to their size only? There is a very fine line between attraction and fetishism, so it is important to reflect on where your feelings come from and what the intent behind them is.

Finding an Attractive BBW for You

So, if you’re ready to jump in and start pursuing the women you’re looking for, then we have some pointers for you. We understand that it can be difficult to know where to look to find someone as it can also depend on what your intentions are.

Online dating sites are the perfect way to meet BBWs who are right for you. Whether you’re looking for something casual or a long-term relationship, there are tons of online dating sites that can help you. Specialist platforms, such as, are specifically designed to help you find exactly what you’re seeking. Specialist platforms allow you to narrow down your search without having to do so within the platform, meaning you can spend more time looking for other qualities you want in your partner.

If you’re a little bit more traditional, then you can always start with your circles and friends before venturing outside that sphere. You never know who may be available or who may be perfect for you if you don’t ask. Furthermore, taking classes and going to singles events can, although they seem embarrassing, are great ways to meet people without the awkwardness of just approaching someone at a bar. Always check what is going on in your local area and be adventurous with the methods you’re using to find someone who is right for you.

How to Date a BBW

When dating BBWs, it is just the same as dating anyone else. One thing you should always be conscious of is being honest and open about your intentions. It can be difficult to be vulnerable with someone, especially if you feel it may hurt them, but you’re not doing anybody any favors by not being honest. You don’t have to say you want five kids and a white picket fence on the first date, but don’t be misleading about what you want out of a relationship.

Furthermore, always be considerate of those you’re meeting. Try not to cancel dates when possible, and if you have planned something, and then stick to it even if you’re not feeling it. Dating is hard enough without having to contend with people who’re going to mess you around. Lastly, understand that rejection is going to come, especially as you’re a guy. This is because it is more likely that you will make the first move. Know that it is part of the dating game, and it is nothing personal against you. There is somebody who is right for you out there.

So, you’re now ready to start heading out into the BBW dating arena. This should be an exciting time of your life, so always remember to have fun with dating. Although it is an important aspect of your life, that doesn’t mean it has to be serious all the time. Enjoy meeting the BBWs of your dreams and start pursuing the relationships you desire without any trouble.

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